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About The Club

MARC: Who, what, why, where, when and how.
Montreal Athletics Regional Club (MARC) is a non-profit organization, incorporated and dedicated to organizing community activities such as sports, arts, hobbies, education and other community supportive functions.
MARC also helps to fill the gaps within the community life left by the natural formation of different groupings of our citizens and by their reluctance to communicate. For example, groups such as teenagers and adults, racially and culturally oriented groups, and more generally, educational institutions and the public, municipal government and the citizen.

MARC aims to tie together, within the borders of one club, different activities so that easy communication, and therefore a better understanding of each other's problems, helps ease tensions and teaches us appreciation of one another and gives us a sense of security and belonging.

Operating in the Montreal area, the Club's main occupation is providing high quality Volleyball instruction and training opportunities in a unique environment as well as competitive participation at the highest level possible, to athletes in both junior and senior categories.

MARC also offers other programs, such as a children's summer sports camp, a Mini-Volleyball program, and Introduction to Volleyball clinics.

MARC Programs    back to top
Volleyball Other Programs
Senior Women

Senior Men

Mini-Cadet-Juvenile-Junior Women
 (Ages 8-20 years)

Mini-Cadet-Juvenile-Junior Men
 (Ages 8-20 years)

MARC Summer Sports Camp
Intro. to Volleyball Clinic
Council of Coaches and Instructors    back to top
Image: Master Coach Image: Coach level 3 Image: Coach level 1 Image: Assistant Coach
Ants Toke Louise Forget Juste Rajaonson Ivan Khoo
Master Coach Coach level 3 Coach level 1 Assistant Coach
The members of the Council of Coaches and Instructors are the leaders and senior members of the Club. Ants Toke, the Club's President and head coach, and Louise Forget, senior coach and player, are founding members of the Club and its senior executives. All Council members are involved in providing the many types of support (coaching, administration, logistics, etc.) needed to help make MARC a success.
MARC Training Facilities    back to top
 Trenholme Centre
Trenholme Centre
Our Trenholme Centre training facility is located at 6800 Sherbrooke Street West in Trenholme Park in Montreal's NDG district.  (Map)

The training centre includes a gymnasium that is equipped for volleyball, basketball, badminton, table-tennis and other athletic activities.

The Trenholme Centre facility is provided by the City of Montreal.

MARC teams and groups are active and engaged in training at the Trenholme Center facility 12 months per year, two or three times per week for up to three hours and more at a time, so Trenholme Center is a busy place every weekday and Sunday from the late afternoon until late in the evening.

Trenholme Centre: Interior Trenholme Centre: Volleyball Court Trenholme Centre: Interior Trenholme Centre: Entrance View
Volleyball Training Schedule    back to top
tue/thu 7PM-10PM
Sun 6PM-9PM
thu 4:30PM-7PM
Volunteers    back to top
MARC could not exist without the time and efforts of the many dedicated community volunteers - club members and others - who generously provide the entirety of the necessary coaching, instruction, expertice, administration, logistics, club representation, vision and leadership.
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MARC is a member of the Volleyball Québec and Volleyball Canada provincial and national volleyball associations.
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