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Television News - 2010

MARC head coach Ants Toke was featured twice in 2010 on Montreal television news programs.

In July CBC Montreal Television (CBMT) news anchor Debra Arbec visited MARC's Trenholme Centre training facility to see the volleyball training in preparation for the CBC weekly community feature segment Montrealer of the week.

In November, Jennifer Charlebois from CTV Montreal Television (CFCF) also visited the facility to prepare for the station's upcoming feature segment.

Follow the links below to view video clips of the CBC and CTV features that were subsequently aired on television, and the photos taken during the News Team visits.

MARC Coach Ants Toke featured on
CTV Montreal News

 Image: CTV-Montreal News Feature 
Video    Photos (16)
MARC Head Coach Ants Toke was featured in a CTV Television Montreal (CFCF) News community-interest report that was broadcast on January 4, 2012.
Watch MARC Coach Ants Toke on CBC-TV's Montrealer of the Week
 Image: CBC Montrealer of the Week 
Video    Photos (11)
MARC Head Coach Ants Toke was featured on CBC Television Montreal (CBMT) on July 12, 2011 as Montrealer of the Week. View the video and photos of the CBC video-shoot.

Rope Climbing Animation

The image below is an animated sequence of photos of Ants climbing the ropes while the CTV reporting crew records the action on video.
At 80 years of age, Ants the coach is one of the leading rope climbers of all the members of MARC, no matter what age, but as Ants will tell you, it's mainly about using the correct technique.
Photo   Photo
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